The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county and is responsible for the safety of people, service to the courts and preservation of property within the County of Oneida. As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, and one of just three constitutionally mandated officials elected by the citizens of the county, the Sheriff is responsible for, and accountable to, the county's 231,000 citizens.

The Sheriff is supported and assisted by the Undersheriff, who has statutory authority to conduct all business within the purview of the Office of Sheriff. The position of Undersheriff is appointed by the Sheriff.

Chief Deputies supervise divisions or task forces, of which the Sheriff's Office has four: Civil, Correction, Law Enforcement and the Child Advocacy Center. The position of Chief Deputy is appointed. Chief Deputies are generally persons who are appointed to these position because they possess knowledge and experience specific to the operational aspects of their division or task force.

The Budget Unit of the Sheriff's Office oversees and distributes the Sheriff's thirty-nine million dollar budget. The unit is directed by a Principal Accounting Supervisor and staffed by two fulltime principal account clerks and part-time account clerks.

Information Services - OCIS - provides the Sheriff's Office with electronic and data services and support, including network, computer, telephone, cell phone and radio services.

Personnel is responsible for, and to, the Sheriff's Office 465 employees. Coordinating though the Sheriff's, Office Manager, directly with the Oneida County Personnel Department, the Sheriff's Personnel unit acquires and maintains employment records for all personnel employed by the Sheriff's Office.

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