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Chief Deputy Jonathan G. Owens - Operations

Chief Deputy Jon Owens is the Division Commander for both the Civil and Law Enforcement Divisions of the Sheriff's Office.

Chief Owens began his law enforcement career as a Correction Officer at the Oneida County Sheriff's Office. In 1989, he became a Police Officer with the Town of Kirkland, where he worked for 11 years. Following his time with the Kirkland Police Department, he was employed by the Village of Whitesboro Police department. In 2001 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant

The Chief has been instrumental in the IT realm of law enforcement and has created numerous computer programs for internal use at the various law enforcement agencies in efforts to further their technological progress. Chief Owens maintains his involvement in IT work in an effort to stay current with today's technology. Chief Owens is a NYSDCJS Certified General Topic Instructor and has taught both highway drug interdiction and advanced accident re-constructionist. Chief Owens has attended training through the New York State Sheriff's Association for both civil and law enforcement supervisors and is continuously networking throughout the law enforcement community to further advance the mission of the Sheriff's Office.

In 2015 the Chief graduated from the 259th Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Nation Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The 11 week course involves law enforcement executives participating in graduate and undergraduate level studies as well as rigid physical fitness programs, including a final 6.1 mile obstacle course dubbed "The Yellow Brick Road" where participants receive a "Yellow Brick" upon completion.The Chief also received the "Blue Brick" Swimming award for the accomplishment of swimming a cumulative distance of 34 miles, the equivalent of swimming from Quantico, Virginia to Washington D.C. Chief Owens has received agency awards and citations such as; Promotion of Grade, 2014 Presidential Security Detail Citation, FBINA Citation, Exceptional Service, and Grand Cordon (7 times).

Chief Owens is a member of the New York State Sheriff's Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and serves as Treasurer of the Oneida County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Foundation.