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Chief Deputy Jonathan G. Owens - Operations

Jon Owens is a native of Clinton, New York. Jon graduated from Clinton High School in 1984. The Chief began his law enforcement career as a Correction Officer of the Correction Division of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office.

In 1989, Chief Owens became a Police Officer employed by the Town of Kirkland where he worked for 11 years. Following his time with the Kirkland Police Department, Jon, was employed by the Village of Whitesboro Police department. In 2001 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

During Chief Owens’ twenty four years of law enforcement he gained extensive experience within the area of information technology. Chief Owens is an instructor for highway drug interdiction and an advanced accident re-constructionist.

The Chief created numerous programs for internal use at the Whitesboro Police Department for report management furthering the progress of the agency. Chief Owens maintains his involvement in IT work in an effort to stay current with today’s technology.

Since his appointment to Chief Deputy of Operations in January of 2011, Chief Owens has overseen both the Civil and Law Enforcement Divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Owens has attended training through the New York State Sheriff’s Association for both civil and law enforcement supervisors and is continuously networking throughout the law enforcement community to further advance the mission of the Sheriff’s Office.

Chief Owens has been a New York State Defensive Driving Instructor for over 20 years. Chief Owens is also a serious advocate of physical fitness and is a nationwide marathon runner.