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The Sheriff’s Office does not maintain or staff a communications center. Emergency communications for Oneida County are handled by the Department of Emergency Services. Emergency communications were a function of the Sheriff’s Office in the past, but when county police and fire agencies moved to an Enhanced – 911 phone system in 1995, the communications function was moved from the Sheriff’s Office to the Department of Emergency Services.

The Sheriff’s Office Information Services Unit administers a county owned 800 MHz trunked EDACS radio system for Correction Facility communications. This multi channel system offers facility-wide communications to all Correction Officers and staff.

High band radio system frequencies licensed to the Sheriff’s Office are used by the county 911 center to dispatch calls for service and routine communications to all law enforcement agencies outside of the cities of Rome and Utica and the Town of New Hartford. The Sheriff’s Office licenses several other frequencies that are utilized for car to car, data, tactical communications and communications between Sheriff’s patrol units, county fire department chiefs and ambulance services

A leased, county-wide, commercial 800 MHz trunked EDACS radio system provides police dispatch and day to day communications for the Cities of Utica and Rome and the Town of New Harford. The New Hartford Police Department maintains a mobile data interface on this system and provides Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicles with mobile data and messaging service.