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Anarchy TattooThe Security Threat Unit collects and documents intelligence information on all prisoners committed to the Oneida County Jail. The Unit assesses the information’s relevance to facility and inmate safety and security, and communicates these assessments and appropriate information to other jail units and agencies. The information is utilized in housing placement, movement and transportation of inmates.

Daily activities of the unit include review of all bookings, incident reports, and inmate movement. The Security Threat Coordinator also interviews and observes inmates and monitors surveillance equipment. Inmate gang and group activity is monitored, and tattoos, markings, graffiti and gang symbols are photographed. All pertinent information is entered in a database that is utilized for assessment and research.

In addition to its primary responsibility of security assessments, the Unit works closely with the Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Unit and with investigators from other agencies. Names, affiliations, tattoos and “jail-house” intelligence that have been gathered by the Unit have proven invaluable to the safety and security of the facility.

The Security Threat Unit Coordinator can be contacted at (315) 765-2319. The Unit will not release any information to the public. Police and Correction authorities will be required to prove identity prior to release of information.