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The Correction Division Emergency Response Team (SERT) was founded under the administration of Sheriff Daniel G. Middaugh, in 1996. The Team was born of donated equipment, volunteered time and money, and many hours of hard work. It has evolved to be a well organized, equipped and trained tactical unit. The primary function of SERT is the immediate response and quelling of inmate disturbances, to protect the safety and security of all persons within the Oneida County Correctional Facility.  SERT plays an instrumental role in ensuring the facility's safe and orderly operations.

Mission Statement and Philosophy: The purpose of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team is to uphold and maintain the good order and security of the Oneida County Correctional Facility; to prevent attacks and injuries to staff, inmates and other persons; and to prevent escapes. In addition, SERT is committed to providing the highest degree of security for the citizens of Oneida County, through the continual safety of the inmates, staff and general public.

The philosophy of SERT is predicated on the following assumptions:

Training: All members of SERT complete a three-week Basic Academy. During the Academy, recruits receive specialized and extensive training:

The academy is intense and trainees experience a 30% dropout rate.  Members of SERT also participate in monthly training to ensure proficiency of essential skills and critical incident readiness.