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Oneida County Sheriff's Office

6065 Judd Road  Oriskany  New York

Oneida County Sheriff Robert M. Maciol

OCSO Montage

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer of Oneida County. Equipped with the resources of the Sheriff's Office, the Sheriff is an elected official who performs constitutionally mandated duties for the citizens of the county.

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The Sheriff's Office is structured of three Divisions: Civil, Correction and Law Enforcement. Each Division is comprised of numerous Units, Sections and Teams, whose specific tasks are collectively directed toward accomplishment of the agency mission.

In existence for over two hundred years, the Sheriff's Office (also known as Sheriff's Department) is the oldest law enforcement agency in Oneida County. During these two centuries, many sheriffs have been elected or re-elected to the political office of Sheriff. As sheriffs enter and vacate office, goals and the methods by which they are achieved have changed, but the Sheriff's Office, the physical entity, consistently pursues its core responsibility: Safeguard life, property, and public order.


2016 Annual Report


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