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FingerprintThe Forensic Investigation Section is an integral part of the Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU). Forensic Investigators are responsible for collection and processing of crime and accident scene evidence. Equipped with highly specialized equipment, training and techniques, Forensic Investigators are routinely called upon to scientifically discover, analyze and explain, the complex and often times minimal evidence left by criminals and victims. The Investigators are charged with the collection, storage and court presentation of all evidence that is taken into custody by Sheriff’s Office personnel.

Forensic Investigators are Deputy Sheriff’s who have at least two years of highway patrol experience, and who have shown an ability to thoroughly investigate and document crimes and incidents. Investigators must also possess the ability to testify credibly in courtroom proceedings. Investigators are assigned to work on day and evening shifts and they work under the supervision of a CIU Sergeant. Investigators are on call twenty-four hours a day.

Investigators are trained and certified in a multitude of specialized skills:

The Forensic Investigation Lab is equipped with technology nearly as sophisticated as that of today’s criminals:

The resources of the Forensic Identification Section are available to all county agencies and the Investigators work closely with county police and fire departments.