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A Law Enforcement DivisionDeputy Sheriff (Deputy Sheriff - Patrol) is a sworn police officer; responsible for the enforcement of laws, protection of life and property and the arrest and prosecution of law violators.

A Patrol Deputy’s work primarily entails routine patrol operations in an assigned area of the county. The work consists ofinvestigations, apprehension of criminals, and related police duties in accordance with rules and regulations of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office.

A Patrol Deputy works under the supervision of aSergeant or higher-ranking officer. The senior officer oversees the work performed by the deputy, and assistance and instructions are provided as special problems arise.

APatrol Deputy is armed with a handgun and specialized police equipment at all times while on duty.

Duties of a Patrol Deputy;not all inclusive:

Candidates for the position ofDeputy Sheriff - Patrol,are selected from a Civil Service List, which is compiled from the results of a written exam.

Prior to appointment, candidates for the position ofDeputy Sheriff - Patrolmust:

The starting salary for aDeputy Sheriff - Patrolin 2006 is $34,638, with a maximum salary for a senior deputy of $46,545. The starting/senior salaries for 2007-2008 are not determined as of March, 2008. A Recruit Deputy'ssalary is85% of the starting salary until completion of Basic Police Academy training.

Additional information and testdates for theposition of Law Enforcement Deputy Sheriff can be obtained from the Oneida County Personnel Department.