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The mailing addresses for the Sheriff's Office are different than the geographic location of the buildings. This page covers the geographic location. See thecontacts page for mailing addresses.

The Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex, which includes the Correctional Facility, is located at 6065-6075 Judd Road, Town of Whitestown, New York. The complex is located approximately 3 miles southwest of the Village of Oriskany, 5 miles southeast of the City of Rome, 8 miles northwest of the City of Utica and 4 miles north of Westmoreland and Exit 32 of the New York State Thruway. All state highways in the vicinity have signs that indicate directions to the Sheriff's Office.

Latitude 43.155996, Longitude -75.375702, Elevation 707 feet (±50 feet)

Mapquest Map-or- Google Map (The maps are close. We are actually located between Base Road and Clear Road; not between Airport Road and Base Road as some maps indicate.)

Directions from the New York State Thruway I-90

Directions from the North:

Directions from the South:

Directions from the East:

Directions from the West