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The mission of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office is to safeguard life, property and public order. Members of the Sheriff's Office will always act not for themselves, but for the good of the public they serve; and at all times respect and protect the constitutional rights of all persons.

Members of the Sheriff's Office shall strive to perform their duties with the highest level of professionalism, and will provide all citizens with those services necessary for a safe, secure, and crime-free environment in which to live and work.

Goals and Objectives of the Law Enforcement Division

  • Protect life and property.
  • Deter and prevent crime.
  • Preserve public peace and maintain order.
  • Enforce all laws and ordinances within jurisdiction.
  • Detect and arrest offenders.
  • Execute criminal processes in accordance with law.
  • Educate public.

Specific Law Enforcement Objectives for 2018

  • Expand the Project Lifesaver Program by having members of the Community Affairs Unit educate citizens on it's function during community outreach events. The agency could also better educate it's members on the use of this tool by having more practical training. This will provide better public safety services to people with cognitive disorders. 
  • Work towards finalizing the implementation of Lexipol to standardize the policy management program with best practice standards. This will bring daily training bulletins to keep members apprised of current legal updates and law enforcement trends.
  • Work with Crime Stoppers to assist the Sheriff's Office and other local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by encouraging community involvement through tips which can be disseminated regionally
  • Continue our commitment to curbing violence and abuse towards our children by investing more personnel to the Child Advocacy Center. 

Assessment of 2017 Goals and Objectives

  • The agency has assigned Captains James Paravati and Timothy O'Halloran as the primary working group. They have reviewed policies up into Chapter 5 of the Lexipol manual. They have utilized subject matter experts to assist in the initial review. There has also been administrative review has commenced on policies for final implementation
  • Lexipol implementation has progressed to the point that there has been administrative review on several of the policies. The daily training bulletins will be fully implemented once all of the Lexipol policies are put in place.
  • The Sheriff's Office has in place three investigators who work towards our goal of attempting to determine the suppliers of opiates in and around Oneida County. Overdoses are investigated in an attempt to determine the identity of the subjects responsible for providing the opiates. In the event of a death, investigators follow-up like any other incident to determine if there were any signs of unnatural death.
  • The patrol division held a full staff meeting between administrative staff, command staff and supervisory personnel in 2017. Smaller meetings were also held between staff to disseminate the goals and objectives of the Sheriff's Administration. Many of the updates for agency protocol are now given to agency members via on-line training, in which staff can review any changes remotely and make an electronic record of the receipt of the material.