The Admissions Unit processes and tracks each inmate committed to the Oneida County Correctional Facility. The unit also records all inbound and outbound inmate activity, such as court appearances, medical transports, and facility transfers.

Booking Officer Process:

  • When a prisoner is first admitted to the facility, he or she is pat frisked and placed in a secure holding area. The admissions unit booking officer checks the paperwork (commitment or other securing order) accompanying the inmate to ensure that it is complete and meets all legal requirements.
  • The booking officer conducts a Suicide Prevention Screening interview with the inmate. If risk factors are identified, the admission officer forwards the appropriate paperwork to the Mental Health Unit for immediate review. This includes detecting indicators of subjects being under the influence of alcohol, opioids, and other dangerous substances.
  • The booking officer processes each new inmate into the computerized Jail Management System (JMS). The officer records the prisoner’s personal information along with commitment information such as arresting agency, officer, and charges. This initial information provides the base inmate record that is continuously updated throughout the inmate’s incarceration.
  • The admission officer obtains an initial medical profile on each new admission and forwards the profile to the Medical Unit for review. Mental health profiles are forwarded to the Mental Health Unit.
  • All property and currency possessed by an inmate is secured, logged into JMS, and receipted. The officer fingerprints and photographs the inmate, and then prints the inmate profile report. The inmate is turned over to the property officer.  The inmate paperwork is forwarded to the Jail Shift Supervisor.

Property Officer process:

  • The inmate is stripped and searched.  The inmate's personal clothing and property is secured and receipted. 
  • The inmate is required to take a shower, which includes an application of a lice and parasite killing shampoo.
  • Orange facility clothing is issued to the inmate.  The inmate also receives bedding materials, hygiene products, and an inmate handbook.
  • The inmate is assigned a housing unit in accordance with classification guidelines and turned over to the Housing Officer.