Uniform Deputy Sheriffs patrol the county’s 2,332 miles of county, state, and town roadways; providing services to three cities, 19 villages, and 26 townships. The patrol service area covers 1,250 square miles.

Deputy Sheriffs are charged with the preservation of public peace, protection of life and property, and the arrest and prosecution of violators of the varied laws of the state, county, and local municipalities. Deputies respond to citizens’ requests for service, provide complaint and motor vehicle accident investigations, and handle patrol-observed incidents. Deputies also provide services and assistance to Oneida County’s; seven village, three town, and three city police departments and 59 fire departments.

The Uniform Highway Patrol is staffed by three squads of Deputies. The squads are scheduled 24 hours per day, seven days a week, for countywide zone patrols. Deputies work a rotating 4-2-5-1 schedule; a four-day work week with two pass days (four cycles) and a five-day work week with one pass day (one cycle). Deputies work all three shifts (day, afternoon, and midnight) with rotation to the next shift occurring at the completion of each 4-2-5-1 cycle.

Uniform deputies patrol their assigned zone with marked and semi-marked (no lightbar) patrol vehicles. The patrol vehicles are equipped with standard police equipment, including shotgun or long rifle, radar or laser, and laptop computer with mobile data terminal. Deputies are assigned the same vehicle each day and a Deputy shares the vehicle with one deputy from each of the other two squads.

The Uniform Patrol is assisted by support units of Deputies with specific expertise and equipment to be utilized as needed. These units include the Emergency Response Team, Underwater Search and Rescue Team, Hostage Negotiators, K-9 Teams, Navigation Unit, and Snowmobile Unit.

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