Jail Records Unit

The Records Unit is responsible for the documentation of all legal commitments for each inmate. The records officer’s responsibilities are many, including:

  • Verification of initial commitment order.
  • Court appearance date entry.
  • Notification of all warrants lodged against inmate.
  • Time computations and notification of county sentences (amount of time served and release date).
  • Update of charge information after court appearances.
  • Process of state prison commitments.
  • Process of paperwork for county sentenced inmates applying for conditional release, and forwarding of applications to the Probation Department.
  • Process of bails and bonds received at the correctional facility.
  • Verification of paperwork prior to an inmate being released from the facility or court. Once a release is confirmed, the records officer “releases” the inmate in the Jail Management System and notifies the appropriate housing unit. The inmate is then released from custody.