The Law Enforcement Division, referred to by many as "Uniformed Patrol" is the Sheriff's Office's most visible division. 

Manned by uniformed and plain clothes deputies, the division serves the county’s citizens through the investigation of accidents and criminal incidents, arrests of law violators, and mediation in the traditional role of Keepers of the Peace in non-criminal matters.

The Sheriff's Uniform Patrol was initiated in 1948 and consisted of two cars and two men who worked evenings only. Today's Deputy may patrol in a car, on a boat, on a bicycle, on an all-terrain vehicle, or on a snowmobile. There are Deputies on patrol every hour of every day. The personnel and equipment have changed, but the primary function of the Division today is still the patrol of Oneida County.  The Uniform Patrol function is assisted by many Units, Sections, and Teams; all serving to further the Sheriff's Office Mission.

A Law Enforcement Division Deputy is a uniformed sworn police officer as prescribed under New York State Criminal Procedure Law section 1.20. All Deputies complete 26 weeks of training at the Basic Police Academy and 12 weeks of on-the-job training under the supervision of a field training officer.  The Sheriff's Office provides the Deputy with all uniforms, equipment, and training. As a Deputy gains experience and skills, he or she has many opportunities to join more specialized units and teams.  But, even as a specialist, a Deputy Sheriff's primary goal remains, the accomplishment of the patrol function.    

In addition to law enforcement duties, Deputies are involved in many community functions throughout the year. Such events include Law Enforcement Day, the Great American Heart Run, Remsen Barn Festival, Boilermaker Road Race, and the Boonville-Oneida County Fair.