Inmate Classification Unit

The Classification Unit provides inmate screening and assessment, which identifies the special needs, security, safety, and supervision requirements of inmates. This is done to determine appropriate housing assignments and special service requirements.

Classification of inmates is based on a formal and objective system that utilizes a point scale, decision tree, or other method capable of quantified analysis or computation. Each inmate upon admission to the facility undergoes an initial classification screening and risk assessment. This screening is utilized to elicit and record information on each inmate relating to:

  • Injuries
  • Medical Conditions
  • Mental/Physical Handicaps
  • History of Mental Illness
  • Potential of Self Injury
  • History of Detention/Incarceration
  • Present Behavior
  • Evidence of Intoxication (alcohol/drugs)
  • Criminal Charges/Convictions
  • Propensity for Victimization
  • Threat Group Affiliation
  • Age/Gender

After the initial screening and risk assessment is completed, the inmate is placed in an individual housing unit within a housing area designated for that classification purpose. Each inmate’s classification is reviewed at no greater than a 90 day interval.

The Classification Unit also provides a mandated report to the New York State Commission of Correction on all incidents of a serious or potentially problematic nature that occur in the correctional facility.