The Courts Unit is staffed by Court Attendants and Court Security Officers. Both titles are occupied by uniformed civilians. Court Attendants and Court Security Officers function as aids to various locations, including City, Family, Surrogate, County, and Supreme Courts. Nearly 30 civilian employees serve in these capacities within the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff, throughout history, has been a long-time "Officer of the Court" designated to carry out orders of the court as well as provide order and security for Judges and Court Rooms. 

Court Attendant duties:

  • Facilitate jury process
  • Monitor jurors
  • Maintain court order
  • Manage court docket schedules
  • Provide court Information to the public
  • Administer oath at proceedings
  • Announce the opening and closing of proceedings

Court Security Officer duties:

  • Operate Magnetometer/Metal Detectors
  • Escort judges
  • Escort jurors
  • Limit and control access to court areas
  • Process the public into secured areas of the courts
  • Provide court information to the public
  • Maintain security post