Oneida County Investigating Child Sex Abuse Cases

By Melissa Krull Central NY PUBLISHED 5:51 PM EST Jan. 21, 2019

UTICA, N.Y. -- The Oneida County Child Advocacy Center is investigating cases of child sexual abuse, where the victim is under 17-years-old.

"We have CPS, law enforcement, advocacy, medical all on-site here at the CAC, all working as a team," said Oneida County Undersheriff Joseph Lisi.

Lisi attributes the success of the Oneida County Child Advocacy to the partnerships they have with other agencies and offices.

"We have people here all the time from all the agencies; the police side, CPS side, advocacy side. They're here all the time," Lisi said. "The councilors are here regularly so if you have that in place, that's what makes it nice. It makes it work well."

Last year, the Center investigated almost 800 cases, which are up from the year before.

"It's good news in a bad way. It's good news because if there are reports coming in that means people are reporting them and we can help children out. It's bad news because it's going up. We wish it would go down but it's kind of a double-edged sword," said Lisi.

He said technology played a role in most cases last year.

"Public awareness is a big reason why cases are going up. The crime is still there, and there is a lot more of internet crime than we had before because everybody is on the internet and that's why we have a Computer Forensic Unit," Lisi said.

The Center's goals are to reduce trauma to the child during the process, gather better evidence, maintain records, provide training, and of course, treat more victims.

At the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center, everything the victim needs is at the same location.

If you suspect a case of child abuse in Oneida County you can call the Child Advocacy Center at (315) 732-3990, or local law enforcement.