According to Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, on 1-31-19 at 9:51 am, a smoke alarm activation occurred in the County Court House. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Security Unit immediately began to clear the court house of the people inside. While the evacuation was in progress the Security Unit along with Oneida County Buildings and Grounds members simultaneously began to find the source of the alarm. The exact area was located and found to be safe. The Utica Fire Department also responded to the exact area and determined it is also to be safe. The Utica Fire Department cleared the building for re-entry. At approximately 10:03 am the building was re-opened for business. During this incident a minor property damage motor vehicle accident occurred in the Oneida County parking lot. This accident was between a Utica Fire Department Engine Company and a private citizen’s car. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the cause of this alarm.