Sheriff’s Office Holds Ceremony Recognizing Sheriff’s Office Members That Are Veterans

During a ceremony this morning in Oriskany, Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol recognized more than 70 members of the Sheriff’s Office for their military service. Each of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Deputies, Correction Officers, and Special Patrol Officers that has served in the military was presented with a National Defense Ribbon that was designed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association (NYSSA). These National Defense Ribbons can be worn on the uniforms of the members honored in today’s ceremony.

According to Sheriff Maciol, one of his colleagues – Livingston County Sheriff Thomas Dougherty came up with the idea earlier this year to design a state-wide National Defense Ribbon specifically for members of Sheriff’s Offices all throughout the state to recognize their service to our Country. His idea was quickly embraced by the Sheriffs of New York and subsequently a unique ribbon was designed by the NYSSA and each Sheriff’s Office in the state had the opportunity to obtain these pins for their Deputies, Correction Officers, and others that are Veterans.

Listed below are those members of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office that were honored in today’s special ceremony:

Armstrong, Steven J

Arnts, Joseph D

Babilon,Mark S

Ballard, Steven J.

Beer,Judith A

Brady, Thomas J

Bramhall,Clayton E

Broccoli,Arthur G

Broniszewski,Lee D

Cangello,Angelo M

Carollo,Robert J

Chapman,Bradlee M

Citriniti, Andrew J

Constantine, Edward F

Cuda,Jeffrey C

Czeck,Dale J


Danquer, Noah

DeRider, Charles J. III

Duell,Tyler C

Durant,Michael D

Dzinic, Mirza

Eilers, Steven P.

Franco,Mark A

Graulich, Thomas M.

Haynes,Charles C

Hill,Randall J

Hoffman,Christopher S

Imamovic, Elmedin

Ingalls, Newton

Jones, Daniel D.

Karcic, Sahid

Kiernan, Francis

Kierpiec, Joseph


Larrivey,Neil F

Leaf,Mark E

Lomanto Jr,Fred A

Lyke,Norman K

Mack, Luke B

Magee,James R

Manley,Stephen M

Marshall, Keith W

Maxwell, Kevin J.

McLear,Joel A

Morton, Gerald C

Nagurney,Mathew J

Nelson,Robert E

Noviasky, Alan A

Parks,Leon F,III

Pearsall, Lisa T

Phair,Carey J

Poyer, David P

Prosser,Rickey W

Przybyla, Zachary S

Quinn, James P.

Reed,Michael J

Richmond,Kimmen R

Rozyla,Stanley R

Rubino, Carl J.

Ruth, Dennis A

Schroth, John S

Silipo,Jason M

Snider,Robert D

Svitak, Allen V

Thomas,Richard A

Thornton, Christopher P

Uryniak, Alban J.

Venettozzi, Crystal J


Youngs, Robert E