Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol offers the following safe travel tips just ahead of Thanksgiving – one of the most traveled holidays of the year:

1. Prepare your car for the trip. Before you and your family head out on the road, you should make sure your vehicle is ready for a long drive. Check your wipers and oil, and make sure your radiator and cooling system are functioning properly. Performing a quick maintenance check on your vehicle before your long road trip will prevent many issues that could leave you and your family stranded on the side of the road.

2. Know your limits. Many drowsy driving accidents occur on Thanksgiving night after a delicious turkey meal. Always get plenty of rest before your drive.

3. Try to leave as early as possible to reduce any anxiety and avoid the brunt of traffic congestion. You will also be less likely to feel sleepy while driving if you leave in the early morning hours.

4. Always be cautious of the weather. Late November can introduce snowy and icy weather, so you should ensure that everyone is prepared for the elements before getting on the road. Slow down and buckle up. The chance of a car accident during a road trip almost triples if the driver is speeding. Seat belts do save lives-so buckle up !

5. Don’t drink and drive – always “Have A Plan” !