Program to Utilize Forensic Marking Technology to Help Further Reduce Crime

Yesterday, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association unveiled a new crime prevention program, the Crime Suppression Initiative (CSI), that will utilize the power of synthetic forensic technology to enhance efforts to thwart crime in New York State.

The technology, from SelectaDNA, has been used for more than a decade in 30-plus countries and proven effective in reducing crime an average of 40% to 86%. The first forensic Criminal Tagging System was recently installed by Shepherd Communication and Security at Truman’s Jewelers located in downtown Albany.

The high-tech crime-fighting technology utilizes forensic marking (a.k.a. synthetic DNA) to stealthily tag criminals with an invisible forensic mist. The water-based non-toxic invisible solution remains on criminals’ skin and clothing for weeks to months, allowing police to identify them well after the commission of a crime via the use of a special frequency UV light.

The primary focus of the technology is crime prevention, with a documented reduction in crime (robbery, burglary and theft) an average of 40 to 86 percent where deployed. When a crime is committed, the forensic marker enhances law enforcement abilities to irrefutably identify criminals, and items, and link them to a specific crime scene and date and time.

“Being a step ahead of criminals is a priority for sheriffs from all across New York State,” said Chenango County Sheriff, Ernest Cutting, Acting Chairman of the Executive Committee for the New York State Sheriffs’ Association. “Technology, such as SelectaDNA, enhances our ability to prevent more crime and aids the outcomes of criminal investigations, especially those involving violent crime and theft.”

Each unit of the technology contains a universally unique forensic code (sequence) associated with a specific location. The codes are never replicated and scientifically connect a criminal to a unique crime scene. The synthetic forensic markers are manufactured in a state-of-the-art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that replicate the form and functionality of human DNA.

The Criminal Tagging System can be activated via numerous modalities including panic button, money clip, remote video monitoring, intrusion and access control systems, sensors and, soon, facial recognition technology.

“The robust technology provides law enforcement with an extremely effective resource to further deter crime, as well as provide us with a new and powerful investigations’ tool that ensures we more quickly find the actual criminals,” said Albany County Sheriff Craig D. Apple, Sr. “Synthetic forensic marking technology has proven itself highly effective for many years and we’re happy to finally see it arrive in the United States and, more importantly, New York State.”

The CSI program is intended to grow throughout the state with sheriff offices playing a major role in cultivating and developing the requisite community and law enforcement ecosystem to maximize the efficacy of the forensic marking technology.

“We’re pleased to be the first in upstate New York to have this technology,” said Paul Crabbe, owner of Truman’s Jewelers. “While we don’t have significant crime issues, we want to keep it that way and strive to remain ahead of the proverbial curve when it comes to security systems and crime prevention efforts.”

“This is a true game changer in the security world and puts criminals on notice to steer clear of businesses protected with forensic marking technology,” said Richard Ruzzo, managing partner of Shepherd Communication and Security, the exclusive Certified Dealer for the technology in upstate New York. “We’re proud to be able to provide our clients with this cutting-edge technology, which easily integrates with, and enhances the performance of, other security technology.”

“Synthetic forensic marking technology is simply a scientifically proven high-tech version of a serial number or barcode, but impossible to replicate,” said Joe Maltese, executive vice president of CSI Protect, which is the exclusive distributor of SelectaDNA technology in North America. “The technology has infinite applications to help reduce crime through our many crime-fighting solutions including the Criminal Tagging System and forensic Property Marking Kits, Gels, Handheld Tagging Sprays, Grease and many other offerings.”

A brief sampling of the technology’s users include: Louis Vuitton, Richard Mille, Chanel, Tag Heuer, LVMH, G4S, 7-Eleven, T-Mobile, Circle K, Securitas, GlaxoSmithKline, RBS, Lloyds Bank, Raptis Rare Books, Network Rail, McDonald’s, Siemens, KFC, Balfour Beatty, Fair Play Casino, Shell, Deutsche Bahn Railway, Texaco, Pandora, Bank of New Zealand, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York Pizza, Virgin Media, Shoe By Fashion and countless others.

The technology is endorsed by the New York State Sheriffs’ Association and the Law Enforcement Exchange, which is comprised of law enforcement agencies throughout Florida and southeastern United States.

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association is a not-for-profit corporation formed for the purpose of assisting sheriffs in the efficient and effective delivery of services to the public. It comprises all 58 elected and appointed sheriffs of the State of New York. Since 1934, the Sheriffs’ Association has helped New York’s sheriffs to serve and protect the citizenry through member-supported training programs, accreditation, legislative advocacy, and public safety programs.

SelectaDNA is the global leader in forensic marking and offers a full range of property, infrastructure and offender marking solutions, using a completely secure and unique synthetic DNA technology. SelectaDNA, which is water-based and non-toxic, is proven to reduce theft and burglaries by up to 83%. SelectaDNA not only reduces crime but also enables law enforcement to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions.

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CSI Protect is headquartered in Tequesta, Fla., and is the exclusive provider of SelectaDNA technology in the United States and Canada – providing full-service crime-fighting expertise to prevent and reduce crime, as well as aid law enforcement in the efficient, accurate identification and apprehension of criminals. For more information, visit