According to Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division is investigating a snowmobile accident that occurred on Oneida Lake near Marion Manor Marina. It was reported that two people were on a snowmobile that was traveling South on Oneida Lake approximately 200 feet from the shore when their snowmobile went through the ice. Both the operator and the passenger on the snowmobile did go into the water, but they were able to pull themselves out of the water and were able to walk to shore to call for assistance. Vineall Ambulance responded to the scene for evaluation. Both parties were evaluated and no injuries were reported. The snowmobile did sink in the water and is still in the lake. The snowmobile accident will be turned over to Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Recreation Unit along with ENCON for further investigation. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Recreation Unit will release all information and details regarding the snowmobile accident on February 23, 2020.