According to Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, on the morning of March 10, 2020, at approximately 7:20AM, the Camden Fire Department was dispatched to 25 Preston St. in the Village of Camden for a reported structure fire. Once on the scene, fire department members requested the presence of Law Enforcement due to there being people inside the residence as well as a male abruptly leaving the scene when members arrived. Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the scene and once the fire was extinguished, they began to investigate the cause of the fire. Deputies then discovered what they believed to be methamphetamine manufacturing materials where the fire appeared to originate. After finding the items, the residence was evacuated and Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigators responded to the scene. Investigators secured a search warrant for the residence and requested the assistance of the New York State Police Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team (CCSERT) due to the potential for hazardous and volatile materials inside the residence. Investigators searched the residence and discovered multiple one pot methamphetamine manufacturing vessels, some of which were still actively producing methamphetamine, along with lithium, muriatic acid, solvents, numerous pieces of laboratory equipment, pseudoephedrine, ammonium nitrate and hydrogen chloride gas generators. All items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Investigators were able to develop multiple suspects during their investigation. One of those suspects is currently awaiting court proceedings after being charged on March 3, 2020 by the New York State Police for Burglary in the 3rd Degree, a class D Felony. Due to the new New York State bail reform, the individual was released on that date and is due back in Court in the future to answer those charges. Due to the new New York State discovery procedures, Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigators can not make an arrest on this investigation at this time. Due to the discovery procedures that went into effect on January 1, 2020, Investigators will submit all evidence collected to the New York State Police Lab where it will be analyzed in the coming months. Once Investigators receive analysis results, the investigation will be submitted to the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office for Grand Jury consideration. If an Oneida County Grand Jury finds there is enough evidence, indictment warrants will be issued for all suspects involved in the investigation. The warrants will then be turned over to the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Warrants Unit to locate the suspects and execute the warrants.