According to Sheriff R. Maciol, Robert Pfendler, 65 years old, from the Town of Lee, was working in the woods off of Quaker Hill Rd., in the Town of Lee, cutting down a tree at about 2:40PM on todays date.

It was reported that Mr. Pfendler lost his balance after cutting down a tree and he fell to the ground. After the tree impacted the ground, it bounced and then rolled onto Mr. Pfendler's legs pinning him to the ground. Mr. Pfendler was able to use his cellular telephone to call for help.

The Lee Center Fire Department and the Westernville Fire Department responded to the scene of the incident and removed the tree from Mr. Pfendler's legs. It appears that Mr. Pfendler received minor injuries to his legs. Mr. Pfendler was transported to St. Elizabeth Hospital for evaluation via AmCare Ambulance.