On July 29, 2020, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office released the following news release:

According to Sheriff Robert Maciol, Sheriff Deputies have had an increase of calls regarding large parties throughout the County that we would like the public to be aware of.

Since the end of June Law Enforcement from various Agencies have been called to large parties where the individuals in attendance to these parties are of various ages ranging between 16 years old to 25 years old. Through investigations and interviews it has been found that the locations for these parties are being forwarded through Snapchat and drawing crowds in excess of 200 people. Individuals in attendance of these large parties are both local residents as well as individuals from neighboring Counties. It has also been alleged that some of the individuals in attendance have local Gang affiliations. The areas in which the parties seem to be occurring are in rural secluded wooded areas off of seasonal or dirt roads which are on both State owned and privately owned wooded properties.

There also has been various alleged crimes to have been occurring as a result of these large parties. The crimes include, Larceny, Robbery, Assault, shots being fired, Weapons Possession, Menacing, and Underage Drinking. As a result of these parties it was also found that various items of property have been left behind, abandoned, as well as garbage and empty alcohol containers.

At this time Deputies would appreciate for the public to be aware of and on the lookout for any large parties that maybe occurring in their communities. If you suspect that a large party is occurring, or is going to occur in the future, you can contact 911 or the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at 315-736-0141. Tips can also be submitted through Crime Stoppers. All tips will be kept confidential.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate and take pro-active police action to deter these large parties. Any tips and cooperation from the community would be appreciated.

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office would like to update the public on the Town of Westmoreland Assault investigation. The physical altercation on Shed Road in the Town of Westmoreland stemmed from a large party where approximately 50 people were in attendance. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office believes that this party along with other large parties that have taken place throughout Oneida County have been promoted through numerous social media outlets. The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office would like the public to know that it may seem like a fun time but people may be attending these parties with bad intentions. The Sheriff’s Office would like to stress the importance of not attending such parties to eliminate the chance of becoming a victim. One of the suspects from the Town of Westmorland Assault, Alex Baird, has since been arraigned in CAP Court and released on bond.