Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol is reporting that ten (10) inmates in the Oneida County Jail have tested positive for COVID-19. These ten (10) inmates were in a podular unit that was housing a total of 43 inmates at the time of the first positive test result. As of this afternoon and in addition to the ten (10) positive inmates, twenty-nine (29) of the forty-three (43) inmates tested negative and we are still awaiting the results from the remaining four (4) inmates that were tested.

The inmates that tested positive have been moved to the jail’s medical unit and are currently showing no symptoms. The twenty-nine (29) negative inmates are currently under quarantine in a separate unit and are being closely monitored for any future symptoms.

Outside of this one podular housing unit, there currently are no other housing units or staff members at the Sheriff’s Office affected by COVID-19. The positive tests results from these ten (10) inmates are the first positive cases at the Oneida County Jail since the outbreak began.

The Sheriff’s Office is working closely with the Oneida County Health Department to attempt to determine the cause of these positive cases, but it is believed to have entered the facility from an outside source.