November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, a designation aimed at making the general public more aware of the disease and the scale of it among the U.S. population. Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease onset often seems gradual, but symptoms intensify over time. Alzheimer’s disease is believed to be the cause of as many as 70% of the cases of dementia. One of the more common early symptoms short-term memory loss – difficulty remembering even very recent events. As the disease advances, your loved one can begin to develop problems with speech, mood swings, behavioral issues, and disorientation. With this comes the life threatening behavior of wandering. In Oneida County we offer the Project Lifesaver Program, Project Lifesaver is a bracelet containing a waterproof radio transmitter. Each participant's transmitter is assigned a radio frequency that is unique to them. The bracelets may be worn on the participant's wrist or ankle. For more information please visit or contact the Community Affairs Office at 315-765-2224.