According to Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, on 12-13-20 at about 12:49 pm, Deputies responded to 6383 Bartlett Rd in the Town Westmoreland for a parking complaint. This is the same address from the below attached press release. While on scene Deputies observed a 2012 Nissan color Gold parked in a lane of travel on Bartlett Rd. Deputies attempted to have whom they believed to be the owner Christopher W. Moreland, 19 of Westmoreland, move the vehicle. Moreland refused and closed residence door on Deputies. Deputies learned that Moreland’s mother was also present at the residence who at the time Deputies only believed had a refrain from order of protection. Moreland had exited the house and was believed to be moving the car out of the roadway when he took off at a high rate of speed down Bartlett Rd. Deputies did not pursue believing they only had a parking violation. Deputies later learned the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. Deputies later observed the same vehicle on speeding on Bartlett Rd but lost sight of it before they had a chance to attempt to stop it. Deputies observed the same vehicle again about 20 minutes later on Rt 233 in Westmoreland. Deputies attempted to conduct a vehicle and traffic stop but Moreland sped off passing cars in a no passing zone, Deputies discontinued. Approximately 5 minutes later Deputies observed the same vehicle pull into the Bellamy Harbor Parking lot off of Mill St in the City of Rome. Moreland voluntarily exited his vehicle as Deputies pulled up and Moreland taken into custody without incident.

During the investigation it was learned that the refrain from order of protection was changed to a stay away order of protection of Moreland’s mother during the below attached arraignment. Deputies charged Moreland with 13 vehicle and traffic infractions stemming from the first parking complaint, when he was later observed speeding on Bartlett Rd and then when he failed to comply with a lawful order on Rt 233. Moreland was also charged with criminal contempt 2nd a misdemeanor for violating the stay away order of protection of his mother. Moreland is being held again for arraignment in CAP court for today’s incident. All of Moreland’s charges are returnable on a later date to both the City of Rome and the Town of Westmoreland. The vehicle Moreland was driving was impounded and is being held until proof of ownership is provided.