COVID-19 Vaccine Scam Warning! Please educate your friends and family members on the following information to prevent them from becoming victims of these terrible scams.

*You likely will not need to pay anything out of pocket to get the vaccine during this public health emergency. *You cannot pay to put your name on a list to get the vaccine. *You cannot pay to get early access to the vaccine. *No one from Medicare or the Health Department will contact you. *No one from a vaccine distribution site or health care payer, like a private insurance company, will call you asking for your Social Security number or your credit card or bank account information to sign you up to get the vaccine. *Beware of providers offering other products, treatments, or medicines to prevent the virus.

Check with your health care provider before paying for or receiving any COVID-19-related treatment.

If you get a call, text, email — or even someone knocking on your door — claiming they can get you early access to the vaccine, STOP! It is a scam!