The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind all snowmobilers in Oneida County that the snowmobile trails in Oneida County are currently closed. The snowmobile trails are opened and closed by the Snowmobile Club that insures and maintains the trails in their area. Snowmobilers riding on closed trails is a major contributing factor to land owners not allowing trails to go through their lands. Without landowners allowing snowmobile trails through their property Oneida County would not have a trail system. You should check with the snowmobile club before riding the trails to assure that the trail is currently open to snowmobile traffic. There are several ways to check on the status of the trail system. You can use the snowmobile clubs social media sites or the New York State Snowmobile Association trail map app. The NYSSA app shows what trails are open and what trails are closed, it also shows hazards that may be present on the trails. The snowmobile clubs update the map with the current trail status and any hazards throughout the season. The Sheriff’s Office will be out checking the trail system to assure snowmobilers are not riding on closed trails.