Correction Officers from Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, and Lewis Counties have begun the 8 week Basic Corrections Training at the Mohawk Valley Police Academy (MVCA).

The MVCA was officially instituted by Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol in 2015. Prior to Correction Officers being trained at the MVCC location, they attended training in various locations at the Oneida County Correctional Facility. To facilitate a higher level of professionalism and adhere to a rigid training environment, Basic Corrections Training was re-located to an academy established at MVCC. The Basic Corrections Course is 8 weeks long and includes the following training:

  • Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Corrections Law
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Firearms, Impact Devices, Electronic Control Devices, and Chemical Agents
  • Physical Training
  • Report Writing
  • Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Incident Management
  • Emotionally Disturbed Persons
  • Reality-Based Training
  • De-escalation Tactics

Newly trained Correction Officers are assigned to Field Training Officers and supervised for a minimum of 3 weeks before begin allowed to work on their own. Similar to Police Officers, Correction Officers are required to meet annual in-service training requirements. In-service training focuses on maintaining skills learned as well as advancing the skills of Correction Officers as the field of Corrections evolves.