On 29 March 2021 at about 11:32PM, a domestic incident occurred at the Oneida County Correction Facility parking lot between Michael B. Mack and his girlfriend.

The victim arrived at the Sheriff's Office parking lot and called the 911 Center and reported the incident. The victim was trying to enter the Law Enforcement Building. During this time, Mack exited the parked vehicle and went to where the victim was and threatened her with a pocket knife while she was in front of the Corrections Division. The victim ran back to the parking lot and was trying to find an unlocked car to get into, to get away from Mack. The victim found a vehicle that was unlocked and got into to get away from Mack.

Deputies and Whitestown Police Department arrived at the Corrections parking lot and were flagged down the victim. The responding Deputies were advised by the victim that Mack threatened her with a knife. Deputy L. Dillenbeck located Mack in the parking lot and took Mack into custody without incident.

Mack is being charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon 4th, Menacing 2nd, and Aggravated Family Offense and is currently being held for pre-trial arraignment at the Oneida County Jail.