Annual Summer Boater's Safety Press Conference Held in Sylvan Beach

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, members of the Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol, NYS Police Trooper Jack Keller, Sylvan Beach Mayor Sullivan, and members of the Sylvan Beach Fire Department held a press conference this morning, just ahead of the Memorial Day Weekend to address boater safety, traffic safety, beach safety & local law issues, along with summer events. The press conference was held at the emergency wall on the canal adjacent to the Route 13 bridge.

Sheriff Maciol spoke about various boater safety issues including the importance of wearing life jackets, the zero tolerance position they take on those who operate boats while intoxicated, and the requirements regarding those who are mandated to take boater safety courses.

New York State Police Trooper Jack Keller talked about the increased summer patrols that will be out keeping our roadways safe, with emphasis on DWI enforcement.

Sylvan Beach Mayor Sullivan spoke about several upcoming fun, family events planned in Sylvan Beach over the next several weeks and the Sylvan Beach Firefighters spoke about additional boater safety issues and stressed the importance of knowing the waterway and the weather forecast before you head out on the lake.