Update to the travel advisory on Oneida County Waterways on 8-25-21 from Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol.

Marine Patrol units have been out assessing waterways these past few days.

Oneida Lake, water levels are still 1.7 feet above full pool level measured at Caughdenoy Dam (west end of Oneida Lake). Most of the debris on the Oneida County or east end of the lake has moved towards the shoreline in south bay by Oneida Creek/Verona Beach State Park area. A large tree appears to be stationary about halfway between Lewis Point and Buoy 109 in about 28 feet of water. From Sylvan Beach along the north shore to the North Bay/Jewell area appears to be free of debris. The Canal is closed and not expected to open till September 3rd according to Canal Corporation Notice to Mariners. The Canal Corporation does have active dredging operations occurring between Oneida Lake and Fish Creek, as of yesterday they had the full width of the canal blocked.

Delta Lake water levels have lowered 3.5 feet since the storm and are below the level it was before the storm.

Kayuta Lake appears to have lowered to near normal water level.

White Lake is reported to be higher than normal. Boaters are asked to use caution and to limit wakes from boats.

Otter Lake is reported to be back to normal levels.

Hinckley Lake has dropped 3.2 feet since the storm and near level prior to storm.

Boaters are stilled asked to use caution on all waterways since debris can be submerged and out of sight.