Sheriff Warns of Recent Threatening Texting Scam

According to Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, a new type of phone and texting scam has been occurring in our area that the public needs to be aware of. Recently, people have been receiving text messages on their phone from an unknown source stating that they have been hired to assassinate them but they have a conscience and would be willing to spare their life if the victim pays them a ransom fee. In these text messages, personal information on those receiving them, such as their actual home addresses, are listed which has caused great concern to them. It is believed that the personal information was obtained by these scammers through internet searches.

The Sheriff’s Office urges anyone who receives these threatening message to not panic, to not respond to them, to not click on any links within the text, and do not provide any personal banking or financial information back to the sender. Instead, the Sheriff recommends that if you receive one of these messages, to please report it to law enforcement immediately. The main line for the Sheriff’s Office is 315-736-0141.