Deep Frying your turkey this Thanksgiving is another way to cook the bird, but not without following the proper precautions below:

Tips to help prevent deep fried turkey accidents

* Keep outdoor fryers off decks, out of garages, and a safe distance away from trees and other structures.

* Make sure the turkey is thawed and dry before cooking. Ice or water that mixes into the hot oil can cause flare-ups.

* Watch the weather. Never operate a fryer outdoors in the rain or snow.

* Place the fryer on a level surface, and avoid moving it once it's in use.

* Leave 2 feet between the tank and the burner when using a propane-powered fryer.

* Follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid overfilling. Oil can ignite when it makes contact with the burner.

* Never leave fryers unattended.

* Cooking oil that is heated beyond its smoke point can catch fire. If you notice the oil is smoking, turn the fryer off.

* Turn off the burner before lowering the turkey into the oil. Once the turkey is submerged, turn the burner on.

* Wear goggles to shield your eyes, use oven mitts to protect your hands and arms, and keep an "ABC" or grease-rated fire extinguisher close by. Do not use water or a garden hose on a fire related to turkey fryers.

* Skip the stuffing when frying turkey, and avoid water-based marinades.

* Keep children and pets away from the fryer at all times.

* Once finished, carefully remove the pot from the burner, place it on a level surface, and cover to let the oil cool overnight before disposing.