Today’s 2022 Tunnel to Towers Utica, NY was an amazing success. With perfect conditions, the runners made great time through the course. Thank you to the organizers and volunteers who made this event possible, along with all of the area First Responders.

For more information on the Tunnel to Towers Foundation please visit

Members from the Sheriff's Office and Mohawk Valley Police Academy were in attendance, including -

Lieutenant Zima

Lieutenant Phair

Sergeant Morgan

Investigator Marleau

Investigator Karcic

Investigator Gibbons

Deputy Villarreal

Deputy Thompson

Deputy Wood

Deputy Danquer

Mohawk Valley Police Academy

Oneida County Sheriff's Office

Recruit Asch

Recruit Brashear

Recruit Colucy

Recruit Cook

Recruit Hinderling

City of Utica, NY Police Department

Recruit Amuso

Recruit Checo-Collado

Recruit Cirasuolo

Recruit Hser

Recruit Jaquish

Recruit Lynn

Recruit Mucitelli

Recruit Rios

Recruit Williams

Chenango County Sheriff’s Office

Recruit Walzer

Norwich Police Department, NY

Recruit Rifonburg