New Sheriff’s Office Vehicle Unveiled

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol, joined this morning by Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente Jr., unveiled a new vehicle assigned to the Sheriff’s Community Affairs Unit.

Several years ago, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office established a Community Affairs Unit and since then, they have assumed numerous critical and important tasks for the agency including recruitment of new employees, managing & overseeing several programs including ASEND (Assistance for Special, Cognitive, Emotional Needs & Disabilities registry), Project Lifesaver (Search and Rescue Program), NYSSA Yellow Dot Program (medical informational program for first responders), promoting & educating the public on Autism Awareness, promoting the agency’s participation in the County’s Stop DWI Program, promoting the county’s Domestic Violence High Risk Assessment Team, providing support for our Veterans and their programs, and an overall awareness of the services and programs that the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office provides through its various divisions.

As a result of the positive difference that all of these programs and organizations have had on those in our community and the public’s interest in these programs & organizations continuing to grow day by day, the Sheriff’s Office redesigned the graphics on the vehicle that is assigned to the Community Affairs Unit to publicly promote all of them. While at community events, schools, and other functions, this vehicle will showcase the various programs along with providing a resource for many people in the community.

Joining the Sheriff and County Executive this morning were families that participate in Project Lifesaver, ASEND Program founder Johanna Johnson, Oneida County Stop DWI Coordinator Eric Townsend, Veterans Thomas Buono & Larry Badger, and YWCA Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate Kelcy Beech.