According to Oneida County Sheriff, Robert M. Maciol, and Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School Superintendent, Martha Group, on the 17th of January 2023, a High School aged student in BOCES special program located on the VVS Campus was involved in an incident with BOCES staff.

The SPO and VVS Administration were contacted and notified that the Incident was being handled by the BOCES administration. The incident took place in a classroom in an area of the building away from other classrooms. BOCES administrators requested no further law enforcement involvement. The student was removed from the school and disciplinary action will follow. Neither Law Enforcement nor the VVS Administration were involved in the investigation of the incident. It was later learned that the incident involved a possible threat with an unfolded/ closed pocket knife but that information was not provided at the time of the incident. There has been no further request to investigate the incident.

A follow up with the student’s family was later conducted by Law Enforcement.