Over the last week, members of the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Unit attended the Committee on Policing and Safeguarding Schools (C-PASS) 2nd Annual Conference.

The four day conference was attended by over 200 SROs and many school administrators, superintendents, and counselors.

Understanding, and protecting students is an ever-changing task and one of the utmost importance. The committee constantly strives to identify new issues and develop training to meet those needs faced not only by school resources officers but all those involved in the school community. Since the committee is not bound by a single state agency, or under any state mandate, C-PASS can be flexible and swift in tackling new school issues. We have been successful thus far in all of our endeavors by understanding the importance of collaboration because, in the end, we are always Better Together.

To learn more please visit - https://www.c-pass.org.

New York State Sheriffs' Association

The Committee on Policing and Safeguarding Schools