In preparation for the upcoming Civil Service Training and Experience Exam for the position of Corrections Officer, the Oneida County Sheriff's Office will be holding a Job Fair, located at 6075 Judd Rd Oriskany, applicants will have the opportunity to start the hiring process.

Exam signup ENDS 05/12/23 with the Exam (*See below for more information) being held 06/1/23-06/30/23.

Exam Information -

Sign Up -

Occurring on May 1st, 3rd, 8th, and 9th from 12-7 pm applicants will have the opportunity to, begin the background process, get fingerprinted, interviewed, and speak with workers. We will also have computers available if you wish to sign up for the exam, part time applications will also be accepted.

What do I need to bring?

All who are interested are asked to bring a completed Background Packet. Don’t have one? Please email to receive one.

1. An official copy of your Birth Certificate. If no record of your birth is on file at the Department of Health or the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the state in which you were born, obtain a notarized statement attesting to that fact.

2. High School Diploma or equivalency certificate, college degree(s) and/or skilled trade certificates/licenses.

3. Driver’s License (including Record of Convictions) and Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration for any vehicle owned by you.

4. Records of name changes, if applicable.

5. Documentation of all available data pertaining to any pending litigation for which you are named as a party, including family court action.

6. Naturalization papers, if foreign-born. (Law enforcement Officers/Correction Officers must be United States citizen at the time of appointment.)

7. Discharge or separation papers for all military service(s) (DD-214 – parts 1 & 4).

8. Any licenses held by you from a government agency (i.e. pistol, rifle, taxi, liquor, notary, professional, nursing, financial certification(s)).

9. Social Security Card.

* What is a Training and Experience Exam?

A "T&E" exam is used when Civil Service has determined that specific education or experience is a good predictor of success at the job. There will be no written or oral test for this examination. If you meet the minimum qualifications, you will receive a rating based upon an evaluation of your training and experience against the duties of the position.

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