The man struck by a train in Whitesboro Thursday evening has been identified as 25 year old Dakota Williams of Whitesboro. According to a witness, he saw Williams near the tracks at the end of Linwood Place in the Village of Whitesboro, just before the accident. The witness said that it appeared Williams was standing close to the tracks watching a west bound train. The witness said that when that train passed Williams crossed to the north side of the tracks and began walking westerly until the witness lost sight of him. There are two sets of tracks that run along that section. A set on the north side of the railroad bed and one on the south side. The witness said that shortly after Williams crossed to the north side, he believes he heard two other trains go through but wasn't watching and does not know what direction they were traveling or which rail they were on.

Investigators believe that one of the trains that the witness heard was an east bound train and it was traveling on the south side set of rails. According to information investigators received from the crew of the train involved in the accident, they were heading west on the north side set of rails. When they saw Williams he was standing between the rails of their west bound train, with his back to their train and it appeared he was taking photos or video of the east bound train on his cell phone. According to the crew they applied emergency braking and blew the horn, but the train could not stop and it appears that Williams did not hear the horn. Williams cell phone was found at the scene.

The investigation shows that the crew of the train was operating the train within the limits set for that portion of the tracks. CSX Police did respond to the scene and are working together with Sheriff's Investigators.