Oneida & Madison County Sportsmen’s Mentor Program is holding their 13th Annual Youth Goose Hunt and Annual Woman Hunt

The Oneida County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Affiliated Conservation Clubs of Madison County, Region 6 and Region 7 Environmental Conservation Officers and the Oneida & Madison County NWTF are teaming up to offer a special goose hunt again this year. We have opened it up to women that maybe interested on hunting geese as well. Following the successful youth and women turkey hunt in April 2023, the Oneida and Madison County Sportsmen and NWTF are following a similar plan to introduce youngsters and women who may not otherwise have the opportunity to goose hunting.

The dates are September 23rd and 24th 2023. Saturday, September 23rd will be the meeting with parents, ECOs, Hunter Mentors, target practice and other preparation for the next day hunt. This day starts at 9 AM until done. The actual hunt will take place on Sunday, September 24th. Youngsters and women will have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for goose hunting and then actually experience it with the guidance of an ECO or Hunter Mentor in the field.

The program is open to youth and women age 12 and up. A small game license and a HIP number is necessary for youngster’s age 12 to 15 they do not need purchase a federal migratory bird hunting stamp for this hunt. Youth and women ages 16 and up will need a small game license a HIP number along with a federal migratory bird hunting stamp to hunt. The HIP number will be verified or obtained for all youth and women on Safety day.Also check out our web site You can also use the website to sign up for the goose hunt as well.

Interested participants should contact Scott Faulkner 315-225-0192, or, ECO Steve Lakeman 315-734-0648 or ECO Ric Grisolini 607-316- 2574 for an application for this program. Also if you have any questions on the program. Space in the program is limited so be sure to register early.