Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Deputies - Portner and Villarreal complete the NYS SNOWMOBILE LAW ENFORCEMENT DEVELOPMENT SCHOOL (NYS SLEDS).

This Training Program is designed to present Deputies and Officers with the fundamentals of snowmobile operation and law enforcement, as well as provide an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed by the snowmobile law enforcement officer to function effectively and professionally. With Oneida County being home to approximately 650 miles of groomed snowmobile trails (weather permitting) this is an important function of the Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement members from across New York assembled to build upon their basic law enforcement and investigative skills of police agency personnel involved in snowmobile-related laws, rules, and regulations, as well as accident investigation techniques. This was accomplished through a combination of classroom lectures and outdoor field exercises.


• Snowmobile Maintenance and Operation: Hands on fundamentals of snowmobile maintenance and operation, including field exercises and trail ride(s).

• Registration / Insurance: Provide working knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to snowmobile registration and insurance coverage requirements.

• Laws Regulating Basic Operation: Explain the sections of the Parks and Recreation Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, and the Parks Rules and Regulations in regard to the operation of a snowmobile.

• Operation While Intoxicated: Convey a general understanding of the effects of alcohol on a snowmobile operator, environmental stressors, and the procedures for building a solid case for prosecuting an operating while intoxicated charge.

• Standardized Seated Battery Field Sobriety Testing: SFST certification will be issued to all who pass this segment of training.

• Snowmobile Theft Reporting, Prevention, and Detection: Establish an understanding of the legal obligations for the reporting of stolen snowmobiles. Participants will receive a basic understanding of the methods available to them in the identification of stolen snowmobiles, the location of VIN numbers, and ways to prevent snowmobile theft.

• Snowmobile Accident Reporting: Lecture and report presentation to give officers a working knowledge of the Police Snowmobile Accident Report and the legal requirements for snowmobile accident reporting.

• Penal / Parks & Recreation Laws: The class will be presented with information on applicable sections of the Penal Laws and the Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation Law of the State of New York.

• Special Event Permits: Provide a general knowledge of the form and content of a special event permit, when and where one is required, and how permits are obtained.