During this Corrections Officer and Employees Week, we will be sharing some of what Correction Officers do. Most would assume what day-to-day operations look like, but Corrections Officers cover many unique tasks and assignments per day. Training Unit –

New Correction Officers are assigned to Field Training Officers and are supervised for this period before being allowed to work on their own. The Corrections Basic Academy is eight weeks of intense classroom instruction & testing on a wide array of Correction Officer related laws, policies, and best practices. In addition, there was regular physical fitness training and military drill training. Correction Officers are required to complete annual in-service training requirements. In-service training focuses on maintaining skills learned as well as advancing the skills of Correction Officers as the field of Corrections evolves. Some of the topics that are covered in initial, basic, and in-service training include -

Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, and Corrections Law.Defensive TacticsFirearms, Impact Devices, Electronic Control Devices, and Chemical AgentsPhysical TrainingReport WritingSuicide Awareness and PreventionCommunication SkillsCritical Incident ManagementEmotionally Disturbed PersonsReality Based TrainingDe-escalation