Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente and Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol were joined by American Legion Post 1290 Commander Don Light as he presented the American Legion Correction Officer of the Year to Correction Officer Michael Durant and Deputy of the Year to Deputy Stephen Manley. The award presentations were done at the beginning of the Oneida County Board of Legislators meeting this afternoon. Officer Durant is a 23 year veteran of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office who previously served his country as a member of the United States Army from 1984 – 1991. Officer Durant was nominated by Sheriff Robert Maciol for his continued good work in combating the introduction of contraband into the Oneida County Correctional Facility. Officer Durant, who is assigned to the control towers in jail, constantly monitors visits between inmates and civilians via facility camera monitors. Officer Durant’s vigilance and observations have resulted in several inmates and civilians being caught in the transferring of contraband during the course of their visit. Contraband that has been seized as a result of Officer Durant’s observation include tobacco, marijuana, and opiates. Several inmates and civilians that were caught were subsequently charged with the crime of Promoting Prison Contraband. Officer Durant’s actions helps promote a safe and secure environment within the correctional facility. Officer Durant has also been the recipient of the Sheriff’s Good Conduct Award and the Sheriff’s Emergency Medical Technicians Team Award. Deputy Manley is an 8 year veteran of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division. Deputy Manley was nominated by Sheriff Robert Maciol due to his unique dedication to both his law enforcement and military careers. As a Deputy Sheriff, Stephen has continuously been proactive throughout the county with his patrol duties, continuously going above and beyond what is expected of him. Deputy Manley’s personnel file contains numerous thank you letters from various residents and businesses throughout the community acknowledging his commitment and dedication to serving and protecting the public as a Deputy Sheriff. Deputy Manley has also been the recipient of the prestigious Sheriff’s Patriot Award, an award that has only been given out twice since 2011. Deputy Manley was awarded the Patriot in recognition of his service to the United States Air Force, which included eleven (11) deployments in the furtherance of the missions of the United States of America. His dedication to duty is unwavering and his selflessness will not go unrecognized. It is important that he be recognized and acknowledged for his dedication to the defense and protection of the United States Flag and the freedom it stands for. Stephen joined the United States Air Force in April of 2000 and received an Honorable Discharge in October of 2006. Since then he has, and continues to serve, in the United States Air Force / Air National Guard.