According to Sheriff Robert Maciol, members of the Sheriff's Office Patrol and Criminal Investigation Division have commenced an investigation regarding a report of an 11 year old student being in possession of a BB gun while on a Westmoreland School Bus on the way home from school Monday, December 10. It was reported late Monday night that an 11 year old student had taken a BB gun out of his book bag to show other students on the school bus as they were on their bus route home.

During the investigation, the juvenile and their parents were interviewed. The juvenile explained that he was just showing his friends a BB gun on the school bus that he had received from his cousin this past weekend. The juvenile stated he did not understand it was wrong to do so. The BB gun was secured and it was determined that the BB gun was not loaded at the time of the incident and the juvenile was not in possession of any BBs. It appears there was no intention by the juvenile for any wrong doing or to cause alarm.

The School Resource Officer and Special Patrol Officers assigned to the school district have been made aware of the situation. The investigation is continuing, but there are no charges at this time. All involved were juveniles and their names will not be released to the public.