Sheriff Offers Winter Driving Tips Ahead of Season’s First Expected Snow Storm

Oneida County Sheriff Robert Maciol is offering some basic winter driving tips as the region prepares for our first forecasted storm of the season .


Know the conditions before departure by monitoring local media outlets and please do not call 911 to inquire about road conditions.

Clear all windows and mirrors as having unobstructed vision is vital for time/distance management and to avoid having a collision.

Leave early to allow more travel time and expect some delays as well as temporary road closures.

Increase distance between vehicles as it takes significantly longer to stop on snow and ice covered roadways.

Use extreme caution on bridges and over passes – also peaks and valleys as well as shady areas that typically hold spots of black ice.

Approach intersections with great care as they tend to be more slippery.

Signal all lane changes and turning movements so that other motorists can react to your anticipated actions.


Always carry a fully charged cell phone.

Have a full tank of fuel, good wiper blades, winter windshield washer fluid, and the proper winter tires.

If you become stranded, make sure your exhaust tail pipe is clear and free of any obstructions like snow or debris so that the exhaust properly exits your vehicle and not back into your vehicle’s cabin.

Have a vehicle cell phone charger and a blanket along with a working flashlight, jumper cables and non-perishable food items including water inside your vehicle as well.

Notify a family member or friend of your travel plans and intended travel routes and arrival times so that in the event you become stranded, law enforcement can easily retrace your intended travel route.