According the Sheriff R. Maciol, a 27 year old Utica woman was arrested at the Oneida County Office building for attempting assault a Social Worker.

As investigated and reported by Dep. Wiatr, Jessica L. Leddick, age 27 of Utica, was arrested and charged after an incident where she attempted to assault a Social Services worker while being interviewed at the Oneida County Office Building. Deputies had to step between Leddick and the worker to avoid confrontation. Leddick was loud and using obscene language and refused to comply with verbal orders of the Deputies to cease her behavior. Leddick then charged and pushed one of the Deputies into a doorway as she attempted to flee the building. Leddick had to be physically restrained and placed under arrest.

Leddick was charged with Resisting Arrest, Harassment(2 counts), Disorderly Conduct and was then transported to Central Booking at the Oneida County jail to await arraignment.