Yesterday, the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office joined the City of Utica, NY Police Department at the Law Enforcement Torch Run - Special Olympics New York for the Oneida County / Utica Torch Run!

The mission of the Law Enforcement Torch Run is to raise awareness and funds for the Special Olympics movement.

Following a longstanding tradition, law enforcement - known as Guardians of the Flame, along with Special Olympics athletes carry the “Flame of Hope.”

A special thank you goes out to all that assisted with the run -

Mohawk Valley Police Academy Class of 2024-1

Oneida County Sheriff's Office

Recruit Mujic

Recruit Johnston

Utica Police Department

Recruit Altieri

Recruit Fallon

Recruit Levellie

Recruit Rodriguez

Recruit Vargas

Recruit Williams

City of Rome, NY Police Department

Recruit Brito

Recruit Gonzales

Recruit Pelton

Recruit Thompson

Oneida City Police Department

Recruit Barner

Recruit Clark

Recruit Lawrence

DeWitt Police Department

Recruit Howington

Recruit Pitcher

Recruit Raptis

Lowville Police Department

Recruit Bourgeois

Special thank you to Law Enforcement Torch Run - Central Region Director - Onondaga County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Chris Koeppe.